Brilliantly Camouflaged Cats

8 thoughts on “Brilliantly Camouflaged Cats”

  1. where the cat in the first one?

  2. on three oclock

  3. Below that (bigger) cactus, there’s a path, and under that path there’s a small square gray rock (slanted slightly). Just under that rockā€¦ a cat!

  4. Right side in the middle. Where the rocks are.

  5. There are no cats in theses pictures.

  6. I couldn’t see the cat in the one of all the stuffed bears, etc. just LOVED the pics!

  7. It’s right in the middle – back to us, tail hanging over the basket.
    (Couldn’t get the first one without the clues though)

  8. Cats are genius. I wish I was cats

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