10 Brilliant Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings




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  1. Simply… Genius!

  2. But will this post scale?

  3. Guys…Guys…Can.. Can we just take a step back here? …Lets consider if this will scale

  4. Let me just repeat, that you have to make fun of yourself. People love self-deprecating humor.

  5. Not so much if, but HOW will it scale? ;-)

  6. So it seems that only 20% of people will try to augment one of the tricks – not just repeat them like 4/5th of people do!

  7. #11 Use as many acronyms as possible
    “Have you checked with the CFO to see if this new SOP will affect the ROI and EBITDA? Also, can we interrogate 5S into this?’

  8. What happened to leverage and synergy ?
    But great stuff

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