Brilliant Engineering

5 thoughts on “Brilliant Engineering”

  1. Ghetto engineering…

  2. What is the saran wrap around the feet for?
    Also, I like the “never drop a book in the bath”. I’ve done that a couple times and then spilled my beer trying to catch it before it gets wet.

  3. Yeah….and the one I dropped in was a new arrival from the library..they weren’t happy….

  4. 1 Yes
    2 No
    3 Meh
    4 Meh
    5 Why not?
    6 No
    7 Restricted use only
    8 Might actually work better
    9 Meh
    10 Yuck
    11 Why not?
    12 Yes
    13 Why not?
    14 Restricted use
    15 No way
    16 Why not?
    17 Yes
    18 No, I’ve played too much tennis for this
    19 Meh
    20 Yes
    21 Umm, not for me
    22 No way
    23 No
    24 Meh
    25 No

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