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A man has been stealing tyres from police cars. The cops are working tirelessly to catch him. They’re working wheely hard on it.


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  1. tea and biscuits please December 5, 2021

    Another UK common wealth or probably former UK common wealth misspelling American words.

  2. It’s the Americans who misspell British words. Not the other way round.

    • Americans speak and write older English. It’s outdated as is their morals, society and infrastructure.

    • : It’s outdated as is their morals, society and infrastructure.:

      Must be a Canadian. Let’s list all the great accomplishments of Canada. I’ll wait.

    • Why would I care? I’m not Canadian. Keep on waiting.

  3. Some of the spellings such as colour-color were deliberately changed

  4. At least Americans spell the same word the same way in one sentence.

  5. But.. America is important. No one even cares what goes on there.. Right? 🤣😂 It’s literally ALL you people talk about. Sad. Now make Trump comments to prove my point..

  6. @Ida Clair
    I was trying to give an example of how the Americans spell a word one way (color) and the British spell it another way (colour)
    Maybe I should have written it in a simpler way so that you could understand it.

  7. A Guy from Deep South Texas December 5, 2021

    Yeah, old joke is OLD.

  8. Guy from Texas, speak clearly without the accent, couldn’t understand a word y’all said.

  9. Centre right fine fellow December 6, 2021

    Shouldn’t labour so much over correct spelling. Worry over something important
    like avoid hitting the kerb on an icy road; or curbing your filthy mouth around the

  10. Zeb with a zee December 6, 2021

    I love the quaint way Amaricans say the letter Z(zed). We do not get all worked
    up over this, however we do laugh a lot.

  11. It’s quaint how non Americans think Americans spend any amount of their time worrying about what non Americans think, feel, say or do. Don’t flatter yourself. You don’t exist to them.

  12. Most Americans are narcissistic psychopaths who are unable to show compassion for anyone else. That’s what I meant. And it’s true. I live here.

  13. God is the ultimate psychopath

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