What’s Your Blues Name?

19 thoughts on “What’s Your Blues Name?”

  1. Old Bones Hopkins

  2. Skinny Killer Brown

  3. Ugly Jefferson
    I don’t have a middle name :(

  4. Lol

  5. Ugly Legs Smith

  6. Jailhouse Killer McGee

  7. But what’s your elf name?

  8. Old Killer Jackson

  9. Jailhouse dog rivers

  10. Lol where did u get it Got to play a prank on my girlfriends

  11. Lawd, got dem bloos…

  12. Old killer le

  13. curly sugar money jackson

  14. Boney Bones White

  15. Peg Leg Legs McGee? Seems Legit…

  16. Fat Mama Brown

  17. Poon

  18. jailhouse fingers bailey

  19. Big Bones Jefferson

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