33 thoughts on “Meanwhile In Russia: Priests Blessing Weapons”

  1. This illustrates pretty well what root of evil religion is.

  2. Priests blessed planes, troops and ships during WWII in England. It’s a pretty standard thing in Islam and all over the world regardless of denomination. Or at least it was.. Now, most the world is just Godless savages. People worship climate change or BLM/Antifa. The Left has become a mindless cult destroying cities and getting people killed with their defund the police BS. Just look at what the Left did to Canada. Religion doesn’t even come close to Marxist/Socialist/Communist death tolls. Read a little history.

  3. If christianity would be real, all of these weapons would desintegrate the moment they are blessed.

  4. Kinda funny. Russia invoking God to help them while the US deny divine providence. So now it religious Russia vs atheist US.

  5. All your text says in your stead is: “All other religions than mine are false and I have to find a way to weave in my fake agenda of hate.”

  6. Excellent point.

  7. More than half of the US are deeply theist. Among the western countries the US are also one of the most religiously fanatic.

  8. “in god we trust”

  9. everyone else pays cash…

  10. So why are ZZ Top slinging the contents of their chamber pots at military equipment? and why are they wearing table runners? 🤔

  11. Over a billion islam worshippers and all of Latin American is Catholic, most of Russia is Christian not to mention huge Christian populations in Africa, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea.. etc.. but the US are “fanatics”. Tell us another fable Aesop.

  12. Those Orthodox Priest must be exhausted. Look at all of the tanks, troop carriers, trucks, etc
    ect, ect the Russians have got.
    The U.S has been buying billions of dollars worth of oil from Russia. No wonder they have all
    that equipment.
    Biden cancelled an oil carrying pipeline from Canada to the U.S on his first day. This oil would have helped eliminate Russian Oil imports. What is even more amazing is that the Canadian
    Liberal government did not mind one ioda. Mr. Trudeau wants the world to see that Canada
    is serious in reducing pollution that this oil would have produced. What a moron, he is killing
    Canada’s largest cash cow to prove how serious “Canadians” are about pollution.
    The world will still use oil for years to come, why support Russia, and many Mid Eastern
    Countries who do not care about pollution or human rights.
    Biden is weak, and mislead in some of his policies. Trudeau’s divisionism is ruining a once
    proud country.

  13. What do you mean stand with Ukraine??? Isn’t it over already? Didn’t we impose sanctions? You know that discount-store gift card of war, that shows everyone we almost really sort of care, just not enough to put in any real thought or effort…

  14. You should record what you write, then play it back to hear yourself.
    You would more than likely say, “What an idiot.”
    I don’t think you’re an idiot, but you are a moron.
    You’re parents must hide whenever you pop around for free food, toilet paper, money,
    and to have mum do your laundry. Maybe you don’t just pop around, maybe you open
    the basement door.

  15. He of course makes no argument, just your dumb and live in Mommies basement. But where is HIS argument against what was said. I’d say look in the mirror if your looking for a moron. It’s alway like that on here. Sad.

  16. Last time: “Hah, America doesn’t need any oil from foreign countries. We have enough oil by the hand of God. ‘Murica.”
    Make up your mind.

  17. Christianity was a terrorist idiology designed to overthrow empires. Bring back the old egyptian gods :)

  18. What a bunch of mormons.

  19. Does I’m Finished really not find our support for Ukraine not anemic? our response to Russia not limp-wristed? or maybe they just have a poor grasp of sarcasm?

  20. So go support Ukraine. Go fight some Russian soldiers to show solidarity with Ukraine. But you won’t. You’ll sit safely at home and type words on your screen thinking that helps and that you’ve done something. Putin could take the whole region because you people won’t fight. Never have. Sad.

  21. I will support The Ukraine buy donating money to them. They will need billions of
    dollars to pay liveable pensions for war widows/widowers, to replace schools and
    hospitals. The list goes on, but a person like you could not understand human
    I urge everyone to contact Ukrainian societies, and find out from them the needs.
    These societies are in most centres in North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.
    Also, DO NOT make statements that people will not fight. Maybe it’s loud mouthed no-it-alls
    like you that would cower if called upon.

  22. Americans don’t cower. Nor do they bow down to imaginary royalty or anyone else. We are and have always been a fighting people because we have to be to protect people who are not. Say what you like. But when needed we’ve been pretty handy. As members of NATO we can’t fight for a non NATO country. Trust me. We want to. We love that stuff. It’s in our DNA. We just can’t.

  23. American haven’t had a war on their home soil for a long time. They can’t relate. #heartless

  24. Bold words – until it rains bombs and rockets, your brother’s blood runs down your face and the cries of women and children fill the air. Then fear takes you.

  25. Hey Putin Bot, the President of the U.S. is a devout Catholic, while Putin is a godless atheist. Lying doesn’t change facts.

  26. Holly damage + 2.

  27. Gotta love the bitter Atheists trying to spread their misery and delusion.

  28. Those weapons are not blessed. Christianity is about love, not war weapons of war are never blessed.

  29. Raises the question who is deluted here.
    Christian hipocrits talk about the love of God and bless weapons of mass destruction to decimate his creation.

  30. The Abrahamitic god killed his rivals – why shouldn’t his followers kill theirs? It’s religions of death.

  31. How much nuclear war is acceptable?

  32. So how is it working for you?

  33. 5th Commandment says shall not kill , yet guns getting blessed to kill, and all in the name of God. Big mistake , all those using these guns will die .

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