What Happens If You Get Bit by a Woman

9 thoughts on “What Happens If You Get Bit by a Woman”

  1. You start behaving like a decent, responsible human being. Awesome.

  2. It’s a joke. Get off your high horse… Jeeez

  3. @magrattus Direct hit! *thumbsup*

  4. He’s become such a servant to her he’s been indoors so much attending to her chores his skin has gotten far paler than he was before.

  5. Why do people who have never been in physical contact with a woman feel qualified to talk about physical contact with women?

  6. The guy wakes up in the morning… with urges he’s never felt before.
    “Must… buy shoes… then make sammiches…”

  7. We are theorists.

  8. I do the laundry, sweeping, cooking, clean the kitchen & dishes but I sure as hell don’t wear gloves like some whipped ninny! :)

  9. Have you been in physical contact with women?

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