The State of Cryptocurrency Right Now


13 thoughts on “The State of Cryptocurrency Right Now”

  1. Bitcoin finances North-Korea. Keep that in mind before you mine.

  2. The Norks and Iran counterfeit more money than the US treasury prints.

  3. Got any proof, Ruski?

  4. Put 2,5kEUR worth last year and my portfolio is still 25kEUR worth. Not feeling too bad even though it was over 60kEUR worth a month ago. I’m in it for the long term, because I understand the technology behind cryptos is disruptive to the economy. No more duopoly of Mastercard and Visa. No more absurd charges when transferring funds from eg. Europe to Asia.

  5. Although Bitcoin transactions are absurdly high, I agree, but there are newer technology crypto platforms that offer significantly lower transaction fees.

  6. I invested in bitcoins mid december. Timing is everything. Mine was awful.

    Cats > Money

  7. So you admit to idiocy?

  8. Idiocy would depend on the money invested.

    How much did I invest? It’s a secret. Sorry.

    Cats > Lolfosor

  9. lol

  10. thats because you need to invest in Bitcoin Cash.You would know if you did your homework.

  11. When the pyramid collapses I will be the first in line to laugh. It’s just a matter of time.

  12. He didn’t answer. He might be… dead.

  13. I’ve been investing in metallic gold since 1974.
    Nobody owes me anything.
    I owe to nobody.
    I’m safe and happy as savings go.
    Whatever happens.

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