This Animal Emits High Frequency Noises


This animal emits high frequency noises that can be irritating to human ears. On the left? That's a beluga.


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  1. That’s strange. Typically, high-frequency noises that can be irritating to the human ears isn’t located to the left it simply comes from the left.

  2. Common Sense Sez October 28, 2018

    Perhaps in a political sense it comes from the left. Just saying.

    • Both are Canadian.

    • @Anonymous
      Canadians make awful horror movies. Their pop singers are often annoying. And I don’t like these incessant Anne of Green Cable movies. The big fish is OK, it has a nice smiles.

    • That Anne-Thing is a Canadian-German-US co-production.

  3. ???
    U didn’t get the joke. The upper line is a statement, the lower one a question with an answer.

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