Better Names For Stuff

13 thoughts on “Better Names For Stuff”

  1. This should be called : Not funny.

  2. A group of terribly bad picture jokes should be could terribad.

  3. Legpits would make more sense.

  4. Wouldn’t music CDs then be “Sound Donuts”?

  5. Asstroids should be called “Assdestroids” instead

  6. Must remember public hair and maybe earth fur, those are good.

  7. Some volcanoes could be call “earth zits.” Think about it.

  8. all men. you all took extra time at “booby traps”

  9. Well done, Eatliver.

  10. Well, of course we did. We are men after all.

  11. bewby traps lol

  12. leg pits are higher up.

  13. no sense of humor…

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