The Funniest Reactions To Trump-Putin Summit in Helsinki

12 thoughts on “The Funniest Reactions To Trump-Putin Summit in Helsinki”

  1. Where are the Trump fanboys now? Already gifted to Russia and interned into a gulaq?

  2. It’s funny because Hillary still is not president.

  3. Libs just go from one craziness to other. Not long ago they were screaming to the sky. Then there was the phase of muh Russia collusion. Then it was muh porn star money. Then muh illegals on cage. Then muh supreme court end of the world. Now it’s muh treason. Just focus in learning Arabic as you must need any time soon in Europe. If you’re in the USA, you’ve more than 6 years to look for next “muh something”

  4. Americans. Enjoy living under your Russian masters. You are now Russia’s bitch. 😂 serves you right!

  5. Russia is hollow shell. Do not listen to media, they steal your brain cells.

  6. Are you for real? Hillary?!

  7. Wait till the hollow shell reveal a boot that crushes your ball. You are Russia’s b*tches now. You have no voice here. This is a funsite for the free world, not for American noodles.

  8. And if you are in Russia, like Muh, you have to wait till the current czar dies before “muh something”.

  9. Oh z7z, this hasn’t been a fun site for a couple of years. Sometime back in 2015 or so. Maybe some day in the far future it will return to being fun without all the vitriol and open hate from most contributors. Me, I try to stay neutral and look for something funny. I’m most often disappointed.

  10. Grow up, Aman.

    Lots of lols to be had. Just need to remove all the sand from your genitalia first. Then your outlook will be much more positive :)

    Stay safe. And remember to vote differently next time. So US of A doesn’t become some shallow, rotten shell, a poorly madr sketch of what it used to be.

  11. When Trump is gone there may be chance for happyness for you on this little speck in the universe. If USA survive this.

  12. Sad little people. All here crying about Trump. What a joke. We need a purge on your leftist asses.

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