How To Afford a Bentley

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  1. This picture is humorous because the title is ‘how to afford a bentley’ which is an expensive car, and the number plate of the car in the picture is similar to the words ‘no kids’. Suggesting not having kids makes it easier to afford see bentley, as you’re not spending you disposable income on sed children

  2. O M G you are soooo funny. Not.

  3. I doubt there are many people whose disposable income compiled would allow them to afford Bentley (and I mean not only buying it, which could be accomplished by relatively many, but upkeeping, maintianing it and pouring gasoline in it, since it was made as un-economical as possible).
    Hence without kids, you’ll most probably end up without Benley and kids.

  4. Only Americans can afford concrete parking lots.

  5. Interesting point, your post made me google up the benefits of a concrete parking lot and I found this:
    -Asphalt is similar to concrete except that rather than using portland cement it uses liquid asphalt as the binder. Liquid asphalt is a residue left over from refining crude oil to make gasoline. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the price of liquid asphalt has increased 250% in the past 5 years, leading to a doubling of asphalt paving costs. Not only that, improvements in refining techniques mean that today only 10% of a barrel of oil ends up as liquid asphalt when in the past that was as high as 40%. This has led to severe asphalt shortages. According to an Associated Press article, more than 20 Colorado road projects and others in Washington state have been delayed simply due to asphalt shortages.
    -Maintenance costs for concrete are nearly zero—only some joint sealing and annual cleaning. Asphalt parking lots need to be coated with liquid asphalt every few years and be completely resurfaced every 10 years or less. This means no business interruptions with concrete parking.
    -Concrete surfaces are much lighter colored, meaning that lighting costs can be reduced—you can eliminate 3 of 10 light fixtures and still have the same level of lighting, according to Vance Pool of the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association. This creates a safer parking lot and also reduces energy costs.
    -The lighter color also results in a lower temperature for the parking area during the summer, reducing the heat-island effect and lowering cooling costs for adjacent buildings. According to Pool, ambient air temperatures above a concrete parking lot can be as much as 10° cooler than an asphalt lot.
    -Concrete pavements can carry heavy loads without rutting or developing potholes. With concrete’s rigidity and high strength it takes only a 5-inch thick pavement to provide the same load-carrying capacity as 8 inches of asphalt.
    -Concrete parking lots can be colored and textured to meet the owner’s desires.
    -Concrete parking lots are green—runoff is low toxicity and cooler than from asphalt surfaces and the concrete can contain recycled materials (fly ash, slag, recycled concrete aggregate). All this can yield LEED credits.
    -Over the typical 20-year life of a parking lot, concrete will have very little maintenance expense while maintenance for an asphalt lot will be as much as 80% of the initial construction cost. On one Florida project, asphalt was shown to be twice the cost of a concrete lot over 20

  6. That was awesome

  7. I’ve heard the average kid costs 100 grand… although the mean could be quite a bit lower… so if you don’t have 2 or 3 kids and put all that money into car payments there it is.

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