God vs. Unicorns

18 thoughts on “God vs. Unicorns”

  1. That guy asking the questions is Jesus.

  2. Do you believe in god? Yes. Why ? Otherwise muslim will try to feed my soul with their spirituality but i prefer my ancestor s one.

  3. Christians, muslims, jews all have the same God. They just have different interpretations of gods words and who Jesus was.
    Jews consider Jesus as a fake messiah, Muslims see Jesus as a prophet, Christians see Jesus as the incarnation of God.
    They are all tossers.

  4. Nope, much too pale skin. Jesus lived in the middle east and was the offspring of the local tribes who are a bit darker skinned.

  5. Funnily enough the Muslims believe in the same god. Those of them who can read know this, like those of us who can read do.

  6. Furthermore, Fabrius, you mention your ancestors. Guess they lived in ancient Palestine then. Because if your ancestors are, for instance, Celts, then you should believe in tree-gods, if they were Roman you should believe in Jupiter and some others, if they were Greek then it’s Zeus and others for you, if they were German then it’s Odin and his family, if they were Aztec then it should be a god like Tezcatlipoca and so on and on and on. Funnily enough most if not all of these were there before the Jewish/Christian/Muslim god! Make up your mind regarding your ancestors before posting!

  7. @anteater
    Jesus may have lived in the Middle East but his father is God, who has pink skin like Santa Claus.
    Since Jesus has been in Heaven the last 2000 years, where he doesn’t get much sun, his skin has lightened considerably.

  8. No-one knows what God looks like! Claiming to know might even be heresy. And Jesus will get shitloads of sun in heaven. It’s above the clouds. He’s probably black by now.

  9. @anteater
    Jesus sits under an umbrella, by the pool and next to Santa Claus during the off season- when he’s not at the North Pole making toys for all the good little boys and girls.
    I’ll bet you didn’t get any toys for Christmas when you were a little kid.

  10. WOTAN!

  11. Around here, all the guys named Jesus are from Puerto Rico.

  12. I grew up in an area where Baby Jesus brings the presents. Why would you bring in Santa Claus, whose original name is Дед Мороз, or old man frost. Do you have any connections to Russia?

  13. Depends on whether you are southern or northern Germanic. You are, obviously, southern. Won’t get into that kind of discussion. Just like whether YHWH, God or Allah is the correct name…

  14. “Do you believe wind exists?”
    “Seen it? …”
    “I’ve seen leafs fly around…”
    “Gravity is a real thing?”
    “Seen it?”
    “No. But look at this cat, when I drop it. It lands on all 4 legs. Perfectly”
    “Final question ; That house over there. Did it build itself?”
    “Lol no”
    “Do you know who built it?”
    “But it exists?”
    “Sigh. I need to go now”
    Checkmate everyone. Cats wins again!

  15. I never saw the big bang either…

  16. That’s why I believe in both, my life is far more interesting than yours.

  17. Ithink that you’re stuped ,,,,!!
    What doyou think??

  18. That’s why it’s called faith…

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