Before and After Marriage




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  1. I like how she emphasizes, tha’t it’s HIS son, not their’s son.

  2. To be honest.. I find bachelor life amazingly good, but people who complain about their easy lives getting harder after marriage – take a responsibility. Of course creating a small scale civilization in your home is going to be Harder than just having a one-night-stand, getting drunk and sleeping on the pavment.
    You don’t create a family to live easier. It is to live tougher but to eventually carry on your dinasty and to grow as a person.
    It is like playing Age of Empires – you can do nothing and survive for a long time, or you can create a complicated state, to rule whioch is a pain, but you can eventually start wars and do lots of shit you never could if you never made it.
    People who complain about this shit simply aren’t mature enough, and are living in their little comfort zone of supposed freedom.

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