Whatever, Just Wash Your Hands



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  1. I don’t see a nazi on that sign. How would Kauf Buch enter this bathroom?

  2. And so it dies the bathrooms for multiple people at same time :(
    SJWs fail to see that those signs don’t mean they earn the rights to use any bathroom they want, it’s just that people stopped sharing bathrooms.

    • And let’s not forget the women having to use a toilet completely pissed by the previous male user 😂 and toilet seat up!

    • Eric Estradas Bellybutton January 10, 2018

      You ok? Looks like you just had a stroke…

  3. Harvey Wienstien January 8, 2018

    Where are all dah actresses at?

  4. Anthony Wiener January 8, 2018

    Where all the little boys at?

  5. Ahmed Mohammad January 8, 2018

    I will not share a bathroom with goats

  6. That alien is so cute!!

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