Whatever, Just Wash Your Hands

10 thoughts on “Whatever, Just Wash Your Hands”

  1. I don’t see a nazi on that sign. How would Kauf Buch enter this bathroom?

  2. And so it dies the bathrooms for multiple people at same time :(
    SJWs fail to see that those signs don’t mean they earn the rights to use any bathroom they want, it’s just that people stopped sharing bathrooms.

  3. And let’s not forget the women having to use a toilet completely pissed by the previous male user 😂 and toilet seat up!

  4. Where are all dah actresses at?

  5. Where all the little boys at?

  6. I will not share a bathroom with goats

  7. Share with me?

  8. Don’t worry I don’t see a picture of a goat

  9. That alien is so cute!!

  10. You ok? Looks like you just had a stroke…

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