The Times Have Changed

Technology is really changing the world.

14 thoughts on “The Times Have Changed”

  1. At least most of the photos had a moon

  2. Allegedly went to the moon…

  3. To be fair there are much more photos taken by Apollo11. More than 37. ;-) But many are not published because they are just not good. The astronauts had the cameras mounted on their chests and had to take the pictures blindly by luck.

  4. Really went to the moon.

  5. You must be fun at parties.

  6. Isn’t that a funny thing to know?

  7. @Common Sense Sez Says the guy from the lemonade post.

  8. BURNED!!!

  9. Actually he took six photo’s not five. The last was a **** pic he set to his wife. Way ahewad of his times

  10. BURNED!!!

  11. I wonder if all those “moonlanding conspiracy” trump-voting nuts will believe someone landed there after Trump send some men up.

  12. And the world is flat

  13. Good luck Mr. Gorsky! :)

  14. Just because taking a photo now costs nothing.

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