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  1. I spy with my liitle eye… Rattus

    • I’m not exactly sure what you’re suggesting. That I’m irrationally jealous? Nope. My husband can go out for drinks with his ex and leave me at home because (1) I trust him; (2) I don’t enjoy her sense of humour; and (3) I very much enjoy the occasional bit of solitude. That I’m going to point out what a load of MRAs there are running this site? Well, yeah. But it’s true. The people that run this site really don’t care much for women. And women aren’t letting that stuff slide anymore.

    • @Rattus
      Don’t bother they don’t know or wish to understand what we go through. You need to be a woman to understand her burdens

    • @Rattus don’t take that too personal. Women make fun of men too.

    • @Hein, not on this site they don’t. And actually, I don’t care for that either. Call me rigid (or, ya know, an SJW), but I am only down with making fun of people for the choices they make, not for aspects of themself they have no control over, nor am I willing to ascribe a singular behaviour to an entire group of people unless that group of people had chosen to be who they are. Let’s say, for an example that most people can revile, the WBC.

    • @Rattus yeah, this site is likely run by a man and the audience is mostly male. But if you check a site run by women, with mostly women as audience, the jokes about men will be the majority. FWIW I make jokes like this one to my wife and she does many others to me.

    • @ Hein, I dunno. The one humour site I do go to regularly that has a lot of female input doesn’t actually belittle men. I do enjoy that because I actually like men quite a bit and don’t feel that it is in anyone’s best interest to be taking down the other gender, no matter what that gender may be. I also strongly dislike advertising that sexualizes males quite as much as I do that which sexualizes females in order to sell high fructose, cheap beer, and rolling tin cans, and don’t hold with the “but they’ve been doing it for years” nonsense. Like moms the world over keep saying, two wrongs, yadda, yadda, yadda.

    • @Rattus that would be a boring world. My wife jokes saying I always have the last word at home: yes ma’am. No hurt feelings.

      Although….I just realized it’s not a joke, it’s actually true :-O

    • @ Hein, your wife is pretty impressive. I have been with my husband since 1985, friends since 1983. Last week was the first time that he admitted it is in his nature to not take my suggestions or thoughts seriously at first offering, even though I have proven time and time again to be right, and that he would make an effort to stop meeting all my thoughts with a negative. That your wife was able to do that right out of the gate is, as I say, impressive.

      And before people start thinking that I am some sort of pushy harridan, here is an example: I told Mr. Rattus that I was getting shocks touching the back yard koi pond. He told me repeatedly for months that it was my imagination, until one day he got a shock, So he investigated and found that it was being caused by a short in the wiring in the bedroom ceiling. If he had taken me at my word, we wouldn’t have come that close to the house burning down.

  2. gobsmacked scientist February 1, 2018

    The dude is gay and has a male lover

  3. gobsmacked scientist February 1, 2018

    Also – why did they changed places?

    • It’s a matter of forced perspective. Women think they are always on the right.

    • Donald Trump February 1, 2018

      Tell me about it

    • Then why did she move from his right to his left?

    • @Rattus she stayed a bit on each side to make sure she’d be on the right side regardless of perspective :D

    • lol, she hadn’t yet made up her mind which on right side to be sitting. Or kept changing her mind. Take your pick.

  4. Crazy Cats > Crazy Girlfriends

  5. The cultural appropriation of wearing clothes and not living in a mud hut is amazing in this one. I demand reparations.

  6. Just a thought, maybe if she is jealous, she should shave her head too. More equal competition. Or, maybe not…

  7. Is this just a black thang?

  8. Geoge_Banner February 7, 2018

    Dump her and become a MGTOW monk.
    The amount of time, money and happiness that will suddenly become part of your life will surprise you.

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