Babies Are 120% Funnier With Fake Eyebrows



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  1. Kauf Buch June 9, 2017

    Yech!!! Ugly lefties brood!!!

  2. Kauf Buch June 9, 2017

    I’m sorry… I forgot my medication again. I’ve taken it now so I am stable.. These babies are lovely. Future generations are precious.

    • Kauf Buch June 9, 2017

      WHO POSTED THAT FAKE???? I NEVER said that!!!! You bunch of leftist weepers!!!!!!

    • Discussing with yourself again, Kauf Buch? Maybe visiting a doctor could help you.

  3. Kauf Buch June 9, 2017

    I HATE BABIES!!!!! They are all lefties in disguise! …oh….
    I need my medication….I love babies…I HATE BABIES,!!! kill them with fire!!!

  4. Mr.ForgotMyOwnName June 10, 2017

    Isn’t that the baby from the Addams family?

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