Babies vs. Cats


Created by Matthew Inman.


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  1. Brilliant! ROFL

  2. Everybody's a critic October 29, 2015

    Even Ted Rall did cartoons less offensive than this.

  3. HAAA!!! LOVE IT? Offensive? Not at all….accurate is more like it!!

    • It can be offensive And accurate….
      Mind you, my kids have never brought a live rat in through the cat flap at 3 in the morning. Yet.

  4. But cats can’t give you a story like this. A few nights ago, I was snuggling with my 8 year old daughter. I pinched my fingers together and said, “I love you this much.”
    “Uh huh” she replied.
    “Do you believe that?” I asked.
    “Uh huh” she said again. “But that’s because it’s already gone around the universe and come back. It’s like this advertisement on TV. A kid throws a ball and it goes around the whole world and another kid catches it. Only . . . it’s the universe. . . . and it’s your love.”
    She got me!

  5. What the hell would a bloated and unlovable gay male know about having babies, beyond, you know, knowing that he can’t?

  6. Spot on… – dont have a cat come to think of it but the rest – spot on

  7. Mr. Truffles October 29, 2015

    Oatmeal forgets that he too was once a baby goblin.

  8. most of the people that talk about how bad it is to have a baby, probably never even get a chance to make one.

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