10 thoughts on “Babies vs. Cats”

  1. Brilliant! ROFL

  2. Stupid

  3. Even Ted Rall did cartoons less offensive than this.

  4. HAAA!!! LOVE IT? Offensive? Not at all….accurate is more like it!!

  5. But cats can’t give you a story like this. A few nights ago, I was snuggling with my 8 year old daughter. I pinched my fingers together and said, “I love you this much.”
    “Uh huh” she replied.
    “Do you believe that?” I asked.
    “Uh huh” she said again. “But that’s because it’s already gone around the universe and come back. It’s like this advertisement on TV. A kid throws a ball and it goes around the whole world and another kid catches it. Only . . . it’s the universe. . . . and it’s your love.”
    She got me!

  6. What the hell would a bloated and unlovable gay male know about having babies, beyond, you know, knowing that he can’t?

  7. Spot on… – dont have a cat come to think of it but the rest – spot on

  8. Oatmeal forgets that he too was once a baby goblin.

  9. It can be offensive And accurate….
    Mind you, my kids have never brought a live rat in through the cat flap at 3 in the morning. Yet.

  10. most of the people that talk about how bad it is to have a baby, probably never even get a chance to make one.

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