Adorable Predators

Illustrator and designer Alex Solis offers an adorable version of the circle of life in his series of cartoons called “Predator vs. Prey”.

18 thoughts on “Adorable Predators”

  1. Where’s Trump attacking an immigrant?

  2. Tiger eating Zebra. FAIL!

  3. Would have been funnier with googlie eyes.

  4. Imagine a zoo break-out…

  5. An immigrant does not qualify as an ani
    mal, and Trump ist _not_ adorable.

  6. Because enforcing immigrants to enter only through legal ways into USA is the most absurd thing a president has ever done.

  7. Are you referring to the president that opposes chain immigration but brought over his in-laws?

  8. I’d be more worried about what happening in Sweden 🇸🇪

  9. Nothing ever happend in Sweden. That’s why they are always drunk.

  10. Right, nothing happened in the Swedish NoGoZones, or in front of parliament. Nothing to see here folks. Idiots.

  11. Meanwhile in the US, on the single day of 13 August the tally stopped at 27 murders.

  12. Doesn’t change the fact that you live in countries with no future. Defending the Islamic take over tells us who you are as a person. So what now, trash another country or defend Islam? It’s always one or the other.

  13. There are far more serious problems in the world than a couple of youngsters setting fire to some cars.

  14. Can’t comment Willy, my posts keep getting deleted. Funny because I don’t live in occupied Europe.

  15. Try avoiding unsubstantiated claims, like “occupied Europe”.

  16. Enough with the clown politics already!! These pictures are odd but strangely cute, now let’s see the predators become the prey.

  17. Want to compare Murder rates check South African stats. The point is each Country has its advantages and disadvantages. It is rather important what the society at large does to remedy this situation.

  18. Aaaaaaaaw, you see the big cats? Cat’s are always cute, even if the kill theyr prey :-)

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