Awkward Vintage Pictures of Boy Bands

17 thoughts on “Awkward Vintage Pictures of Boy Bands”

  1. I think, we have seen enough of these in the last weeks. Our eyes are sore. Please, no more. And don’t tell us recent band are that different.

  2. Young, dumb & full of ***

  3. A lot of these are just 80’s or glam rock thing.

  4. Me and Joe Bob gotta agree with EUro on this one. We seen enuff of this stuff. Lets git back to pictures of controversy and USA bashing. Hes a good commenter even if a little stilted in his views.

  5. Yet again Adam and the Ants don’t get a mention.

  6. Can’t get enough Mmmilk!

  7. All this site is about fun, isn’t it? So I declare “stilted” to be a funny form of art.

  8. In what universe is the Scorpions considered a boy band?

  9. And I agree they should! But there is a even better thing – Adam’s uniform is on permanent display in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. How cool is that!

  10. Agreed.

  11. Same.

  12. but sum of these guys r rilly hot but not as hot as edward cullen bae <3 idk y evry1 is commplaneing #lolz #cuteboys #count me in

  13. the pit bull is cute…..

  14. East 17 and Take That making multiple appearances :-)
    Rule Brittania!

  15. love all of these pics alot. <:

  16. And you thought Trump’s hair was wacky…

  17. I believe one shirt has written on it:”Kill your mother silently”. Nice, maybe I’m mistaken thow.

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