Anti-Vaxxer Logic



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  1. No but you can die from the Poliio vaccine and spread the sickness when given in oral from.

    • Die from polio vaccine… never heard of that. Maybe if you’re allergic, but then you can’t spread allergy.

    • It’s not the 19th century anymore, gar32. Welcome in the future. Tadaa!

  2. Lazier Than Thou August 2, 2017

    Can confirm. Have autism, didn’t die of polio.

    • AlienHunter August 2, 2017

      Me too. Polio may lead to more social interactions, though. For a short time.

  3. Some Guy Somewhere August 3, 2017

    Had polio as child (long time ago). Not autistic just lazy.

    • Will be a thing again as soon as Trump gets his version of healthcare. US will be like a story by Dickens.

  4. Can’t get autism if you’re not born with it.

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