The Difference Between Australia and Austria



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  1. Deutschlandkugel March 23, 2015

    Und Fritzl!

  2. Just stupid.

  3. I have more trouble with Niger and Nigeria.

  4. Gerd Müller March 23, 2015

    Many makes the mistake with Colombia and Columbia. Colombia (with O) is a country in South America. Columbia (with U) is the name of serveral towns in USA, plus British Columbia a province in Canada.

  5. seems accurate

  6. Dupside Own March 23, 2015

    So what’s the deal with the indonesian pretending to be “polan”

  7. They speak Austrian in Austria. At least according to our genius Harvard educated pResident.

  8. We basically speak German but with some differences in terms for several things..and like every other country in the world, we have a lot of dialects.
    BTW: Hitler was BORN in Austria but CHOSE to become a German citizen.
    ..and I think this comic sucks big time

    • Butt Hurt… This just a cartoon (a poorly done one) making fun (not really) of ignorant peoples world-wide. Troll is an art. This is not well done and certianly not art.

    • “..and I think this comic sucks big time”
      Whereas I think Hitler sucks big time. Looks like we disagree on things…

    • Highly educated guy from texas March 25, 2015

      Unless its aimed to hit the aussie.. then its actually a good troll stuff.

  9. If you’re trying to be funny at least learn how Poland flag looks like, because this is Indonezia… ignorant

  10. How about Sweden and Switzerland?

  11. PatronasKitty7 September 22, 2015

    they spelled puppet wrong

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