Checkmate, Atheists!



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  1. The spagetti monster touched them with his noodly apendage and thus they were alive… Dont you know anything?

  2. Why do Adam and Eve have navels?

    • Maybe some believer can give us some stupid explanation.

    • God must have had a navel, because he created man and woman in his image. MIND BLOWN.

    • > God must have had a navel, because he created man and woman in his image. MIND BLOWN.
      Ah, so god is a mammal, too?

  3. is that a unicorn in the back?

  4. Sooo God created everything from nothing, but needed a rib to create one more thing. (?)

  5. If God created the world and everything in it and all of existence, did Yahweh create God? Who created Yahweh? Why didn’t Yahweh exist before about 4000 years ago? Why do some people refuse a seemongly impossible theory of creation; the big bang, for a literally impossible one; “God” “created” everything? Why do kids love the taste of cinnamon toast crunch?

  6. if God created the Earth, then he is not a terrestrial being… Which makes him extra terrestrial.
    God is an alien.

  7. How do we know that they were not brought by that stork?

  8. Soylent Lizard December 29, 2016

    Aliens seeded the earth with humans. They will be back to harvest us for food very soon.

  9. The Logical Psycho December 29, 2016

    OK, i believe God created Adam and Eve. But why the hell did he create the forbidden apple and the snake? Was he plotting this all the time?
    Why is there a navel on both of them?
    Why is the dog depressed?
    Does Adam have dandruff?
    I still don’t know what does the fox say?
    Who put the wine on their crotches?
    And why is the stag starting at Adam’s?
    I need answers!

  10. 🤦‍♀️

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