Artillery Rocket Systems



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  1. Prince Leo May 15, 2017

    Not for long. Very soon France will have a sophisticated system of bomb vest launcher.

  2. gobsmacked scientist May 15, 2017

    Yes yes, very funny, bu France actually has nukes too and 6th spot on the list of countries by total military spending.

    • True, US nukes are rusting away poisoning their own country. Like their democracy and Trump.

    • Most of their military spending is spent on white flags.

    • Mohammad's Goat May 16, 2017

      Will that make France the second nuclear capable Mohammedan power in the world?

    • Corrosion Control May 16, 2017

      @ dat You wouldn’t believe how much US military paints things

  3. Kauf Buch May 15, 2017

    In reality, the French ones are more limp and,
    like Prince Leo says, will soon come in halal only.

    • Guess you’ve never been to Europe then. That’s ok. Jog on.

  4. Hell Toupee May 15, 2017

    I know which ones I prefer

  5. Italiano Medio May 17, 2017

    A 3 day old baguette is more dangerous than any SCUD.

  6. E.A. Presley May 18, 2017

    Ah, BaguetteWerfer (รก la Military History Visualized).

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