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  1. Are you even trying, Japan?

  2. You should have seen what the Australian abo’s were doing at the time. Same old dots…

  3. The old man at the mountain Alamut September 16, 2015

    France – “…we don’t need swords, we already surrendered…”
    Italy – “..not now, I am at my 4 hrs lunch break…”
    Russia – King and people watching guy who had to much Vodka fighting a bull which isn’t a good idea as he will find out shortly after this image was taken
    USA – somebody(most likely Americans) is fighting somebody (the English of course)
    Netherlands – people who are obviously on drugs having a very nice time (thank god for national stereotypes)
    Great Britain – some people wearing wigs – as usually
    Japan – I never did LSD but I image this is like it would be

    • Proud to be French September 16, 2015

      Lol so funny you are so so right… Except perhaps the thing about french people

    • Proud to be Italian September 16, 2015

      And the sentence about italian people

    • Italiano Medio September 16, 2015

      What “Proud to be Italian” said. That sentence is offensive!
      That is *not* even possible, everybody knows we only have a 3 hour and 45 minutes break.

    • Proud to be Dutch September 20, 2015

      And the Netherlands. Just because we have shops here where you can smoke pot instead of getting it from some dealer on the streets doesn’t mean everyone here is doing it. Although…Most people I know have done a little more than smoke pot…Mostly all the smart university kids.

  4. The difference, of course, is that the Europeans depicted are either legendary figures or elitist pantywaist royals who couldn’t wipe their own butts or button their own shoes without the help of 1000 servants and slaves. The Japanese depicted who real-life warriors who’d just as soon cut your head off as look at you if you disrespected or insulted them.

    • The pictures from Japan show here are depictions of *theater actors*. Men in pancake makeup, attended to by a small army of costume and cosmetics artists.
      Smokin’ some good stuff over there, Zelda?
      (P.S. Men who’d “just as soon cut your head off as look at you if you disrespected or insulted them” are effete cowards. “Waaah, that unarmed, non-threatening man _looked at_ me! I need to take him out!”)

    • Proud to be Dutch September 20, 2015

      Aren’t you that chick who cussed out some Russian broad at another website?

  5. Oath of the Horatii by Jacques-Louis David (which I like most of these paintings)
    Joseph’s Dream by Gaetano Gandolfi
    Jan Usmar’s Test of Strength by Grigory Ugryumov
    The Death of Montgomery in the Attack on Quebec by John Trumbull
    Blind man’s buff by Cornelis Troost
    The Drummond Family by Johann Zoffany
    Kabuki portraits by Tōshūsai Sharaku
    But these are nothing comparing to (roughly 350 years older) The Arnolfini Portrait by Jan van Eyckt (Netherlands, 1434). Just look all those details and reflection in the mirror…

  6. Those are (technically difficult) Japanese woodblock prints, not paintings, and are not meant to be realistic like the Western examples. Apples and oranges.

  7. Bubba and Joe Bob September 17, 2015

    Men in skirts, men in silk stockings, WTH is this world coming to? Joe Bob and me are happy to stay right here in the Kentucky hills.

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