Would You Survive a Zombie Apocalypse?

34 thoughts on “Would You Survive a Zombie Apocalypse?”

  1. What’s that? A watch or a dog’s ear?

  2. pink slip and mice.. nah… zobies eat me

  3. You have a dog’s ear near your computer?

  4. A desk lamp and an ID badge. I’m boned…..

  5. A cup of water and some weed… I’m dying high!

  6. I don’t get it

  7. phone and nothing, im dead haha

  8. I have a clean desk. And it’s a sign of a sick mind. Not even zombies want bad brains.

  9. My mouse and a cup of coffee. Bring it on!

  10. Baby wipes and a newspaper.

  11. A cubicle telephone and an “In” document box…
    I think I’d fit in with the zombies quite well.

  12. a loaded handgun and a bottle of beer, USA USA USA

  13. I can manage it using these ethernet cables and this 27″ monitor…

  14. A guitar and a broom, bring it on

  15. A clean desk is a sign of a cluttered drawer ;-)

  16. Left hand and right hand. I’m sure I could figure out stuff to pick up from the room to fend the attack.

  17. a corpse and planetickets… i will manage just find…

  18. Pillow and a cup of tea. I’m doomed. :D

  19. a copy of mk3 and a speaker… I’m good to go. Learn fighting skills and beat zombies to death, deafen myself from dying screams with the speaker. Done.

  20. a baseball bat and a screwdriver – think ill manage

  21. Combat knife and bowl of porridge, I don’t want zombie blood in my porridge.

  22. A empty coffe mug and a stapler.
    I will be though, but I’ll fight till I die !

  23. Chuck Norris photo on the right side and tape on the left side. I tape the chuck Norris photo on my face and the Zombies flee . . . even a zombie knows better.

  24. hmmmm… a chainsaw and a cigar… nice!

  25. Printer and a sharpie …don`t know maybe fashion some kind of armour from the printer case and use the rest of the parts as weapons … neh i would die trying to think what can i do with this sh*t

  26. given the circumstances, and current zombie analogy, almost everyone would survive this.
    unless these zombies are semi smart like in COD, then were all f****d.

  27. Can a zombie be defeated with empty space and a wifi router?

  28. Two glocks and a flashlight. 30 more seconds and I’ll have an AK and a proof.

  29. I have reinforced door. It is as sturdy as brick wall in which it is installed. So the zombies won’t be crashing through it and I’ll have all the time in the world to gather all the tools lying around the house and chose the best weapon. They won’t be crashing through the windows too, because ground is far below.

  30. He means the arrows are pointing at a dogs ear and a zombies watch.

  31. can of Cherry Coke and wireless mouse…those assholes make me look bad

  32. Land line phone and a coffee mug.

    Hmm. Those zombies are toast.

  33. science notebook and a hoodie

  34. Don’t need those. I’m always armed.

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