Why Are There So Many Female Archaeologists?



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  1. God of a lesser past June 13, 2017

    Women are just more resilient to the harsh conditions of an excavation.

  2. Why are there so many angry single dudes?
    Because they make jokes like this.

    • And blame the women. Let’s just be happy those idiots don’t procreate.

    • Many of them will end up as rapists, no doubt. If you don’t respect women in memes, you don’t respect them in the street or at home.

  3. Conundrum June 15, 2017

    Why did God create women beautiful but stupid?

    • Why did he create you stupid too but not as beautiful as a woman?

    • Conundrum June 18, 2017

      He created women beautiful so that men would love them, and stupid so that they would love men.


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