So You Have Bought a New MacBook…

15 thoughts on “So You Have Bought a New MacBook…”

  1. Starbucks? Do you know nothing of artisanal single cup coffee boutiques? Please.

  2. You know, I have a Mac and really don’t like it and am looking forward to replacing it. But that desperate need to hate other people that do not exactly look or act like you is really not healthy.

  3. I agree, it’s definitely not healthy to call someone out on their pretentious bullshit, or to criticize broad social trends. It’s much easier (and sexier) to constantly hop between short-lived fads, and change one’s principles along with them. Keep growing that bumfluff ye bedwetting ponce.

  4. The watermark on computer screen should read “iEATLIVER.COM”. I had to turn off autocorrect to type that.

  5. YES! The Eat Liver guy is back to whiny obsession over Apple!
    It’s been too long!

  6. *All images created on a Mac”

  7. Original post 10/10.

  8. This is sooo 2009.
    (wrote on Lenovo Thinkpad / Win7)

  9. I viewed this on an Atari 200, or was it a Commodore Vic 20 (I’m old and don’t remember), and 10″ Emerson B&W TV. Say, where can I buy some of them Atari cartridges I seen on the news?

  10. Oh, Mac does have viruses – you just have to pay for them.

  11. Not sure why but this reminds me of a whiny old due sitting on a lawn chair drinking a bear complaining how his dad fought in Vietnam, not the image the message itself.

  12. Drinking a bear? Sounds risky.

  13. So someone I know bought a MacBook and I’m gonna get butthurt about it because for some reason it matters whether his computer has a glowing apple or not.
    Written from my MacBook. MacBooks are cool. But I also have a PC with Windows. They’re fine too.
    But I hate Linux. Linux sucks.

  14. i’m posting comments too quick and i need to slow down. hey, eat a liver, so it’s one comment a day?

  15. Don’t replace it, put Kubuntu on it – the hardware is OK, and you’ll most likely not get all the money you have spent on it.
    Compared to other distros, Kubuntu may be lacking behind in slimness of default packaging and bleeding edge features, but it similarly “just works” and is a lot more customizable – IMO you’d get the same comfort as the one promised by Apple but without the limitations. (Its parent distro, at least, is after all packaged by a company committed to making Linux fit for the desktop.)
    If you do that, you can effectively make it look like anything you want – Windows or OSX included, but also start building your own desktop with any bells and whistles and automation you like, even if you’re not very technical.
    Linux in general is stable and fast, and Kubuntu in particular has exquisite usability out of the box. I know ppl who have installed it for their non-tech grandparents, who were fed up with Windows, and now their grandparents are thrilled – no more reboots due to OS faults, no more speed decrease over time, no need for manual updates of non-MS/OS-packaged apps.

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