Guy Makes Funny Reviews and Leaves Them at Local Appliance Store


18 thoughts on “Guy Makes Funny Reviews and Leaves Them at Local Appliance Store”

  1. anyone ever hear of punctuation?

  2. Comment…this iz crayz

  3. you could have added an exclaimition mark (!) to the end of your almost sentence for extra emphasis!!!

  4. Where’s the funny?

  5. These were pretty stupid actually.

  6. Has anyone ever heard of correct grammer?

  7. still in bed..

  8. pretty lame, to be honest…

  9. probably still better than your average in-store advertisemements. Makes people laugh a little more. Makes them spend a little more.
    I think the obviously deliberate choice to be “artsy” and not use punctuation wasn’t the best idea,

  10. His inconsistent use of punctuation made them more distracting than humorous.

  11. The lack of punctuation is kind of what adds to the humor in this case…. TMYK

  12. @gkts I’ve heard of Kelsey Grammar…

  13. I sure do miss my old grammer

  14. Has anyone ever heard of spelling?

  15. Quit being self righteous grammar nazis and let people have a little fun.

  16. Me and Joe Bob dint see nothing wrong with them reviews they seemd purdy consistent to us

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  18. when did you graduated from KILLJOKE UNIVERSITY?

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