First Trillion Dollar Company



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  1. scott gallant August 5, 2018

    And still just a mess of cables.

  2. How to become a trillion-dollar company: Keep up with modern technology instead of clinging to useless old ports and connectors.

    You’re welcome.

    • Intl nationalist August 8, 2018

      Your sense of useless is quite peculiar. Specially when most devices still use them.
      All hail thunderbolt, firewire, and the old ipod connector, they’ll be remembered instead of those obscure USB and HDMI ports that no one remembers anymore.

  3. All hail SCSI D-50

  4. How to become a trillion dollar company? 1. Make sleek looking products. 2. Sell everything separately. 3. Make money.

    Because if you do they will pay.

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