Apes vs. Carrots



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  1. The first image is trump the orange hair is proof

  2. Ape #3- Clint Eastwood

    Ape #5- Ke$ha

  3. Mr. Truffles February 15, 2018

    These apes sure love them carrots!

  4. How did I know this innocent display of cute animals enjoying their veggies would bring out the bigots?

    • That’s a good question

    • These guys don’t need a reason or specific topic to unload all their hate and fear of their fellow humans. The only folks on here who are reasonable, sane people are you and me – and I have suspecions about you. =>)

    • I ate chocolate ice cream this morning

    • @Tv watcher
      Lol you’re probably the biggest troll here i always suspected that less than 4 people comment here

  5. Kauf Buchs? <3 xoxo

    • What did you get a chance to look at February 17, 2018

      If you’d like to swing both ways Kauf is always available

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