Animals That Accidentally Saw You Naked

65 thoughts on “Animals That Accidentally Saw You Naked”

  1. Take your pants off at the zoo one time, and this…

  2. I watched this first without reading the heading… wondered, what all this faces had to mean… the read the heading, watched all the images again, and laught out loud, or LOLed, as many say here. Very funny…

  3. What animal is the one before the Koala?

  4. Tapir

  5. Looks like a tapir. Either that or it’s Ilya the annoying assistant project manager bro guy from work; can’t be sure.

  6. Animal cruelty!

  7. Yes. As we say here. Welcome to the internet.

  8. Thats wierd

  9. …or even “weird”

  10. HA-ha, REally Old Guy! Good reply!

  11. Im sure I scared a few but I miss those days

  12. Funny. Need more of these!!!

  13. Those are super funny!

  14. LOL … the most funny pic is the dog at the slide door

  15. LOL. really funny hehe love the cats with the dig eyes

  16. funny …hahahaha!!!

  17. If these guys saw ME naked, they would not look like this. Their expressions would be more like grimaces!

  18. ‘ Good one, Rita. Amazing how someone could catch those pictures

  19. …’i’ before ‘e’, except after ‘c’.
    I don’t make the rules, I just follow ’em.

  20. Salima. Such lovely pictures :-) i love to see. Animals. In a movie. They a for real, no fake,

  21. Shame science doesn’t follow the rules and even Einstein got it wrong twice.

  22. too cute!

  23. these are so great, love animals.

  24. These are precious pics. An animal can make you laugh, and cry if you lose one.

  25. all them animals are naked… sholda seen my face.

  26. Like animals too, most of them on the barby…

  27. You must be an old fart

  28. Tapir

  29. Animals have a sense of humor

  30. the Koala can see me naked anytime

  31. Really funny, human animals.

  32. This is only after I got bald!!!

  33. The reason some people write out a complete word instead of acronyms like LOL is because they can spell. Practice, practice, practice.

  34. Amen!

  35. none of these animals seen me naked or they would all been passed out

  36. The naked doesn’t fit the pics and the dog pic looks like he is scared.

  37. I LOVE IT.

  38. Some have the nerve to look embarrassed! Took a lot of film and patience.

  39. Might be a Tapir

  40. Best comment yet!
    K. Dean

  41. In the end, all animals taste like chicken, beef or pork… Then there are the fish…
    Yummm. I threaten my cat daily, and my cat looks at me as if I am his staff.
    Go get this for me… But, if I ate my cat, I wouldn’t have anyone to love me.
    My cat is safe. And so is my bird. I don’t think they look at me when I don’t have
    any clothes on; however, I need to take my camera with me to the shower.
    Maybe I can catch them sneak peaking?

  42. Very funny I will have to get use to all these pictures.

  43. Thanks for sharing. I use these pictures for making cards with my own captions

  44. Wonderful pictures, I love animals and their expressions are priceless.

  45. What fun!! Caused a big smile and then a laugh.

  46. OMG!!! thats sum funny real life s***,,, u cant script those faces

  47. That waw great!? Can’t say I blame them for such expressions when viewing the human subject (me)!?

  48. What is a “TAPIR”? Loved these photos. Animals are the best. Even if they do talk back some times like my three spoiled furry ones.

  49. More honest then mere humans.

  50. Great exptessions!

  51. This is such a HILARIOUS posting!! I happen to run across this one last night and I had a blast!! I was laughing so loud (I hope I didn’t wake up my next door neighbors Lol)!! THANKS!!! Your pictures are so cute/great … I hope you won’t mind if I use some of them when I make some of my greeting cards for my friends!!! The raccoon, the koala and that dog by the door… PRICELESS!! Reading the comments on this posting too…are so entertaining it added to the FUN!!!…Thanks guys/gals!! By the way… I was taking my morning shower and accidentally glanced at the bathroom mirror… you shud see the expression on my face!! It pales all the pictures on this posting..LoL.{Just jokin!!} Happy Labor Day everyone!! :-D

  52. I don’t know any of those animals, and they don’t know me. I am always in the dark. Just trying to save electricaty

  53. Jessie should see this.

  54. This is a Tapir or Anta. It is nstive of Brazil, where it is near extint due to unchecked hunting. Maybe found in some rote areas of forest in other South America countries.

  55. Hi Mary
    Omg I cannot blame them at all !!!

  56. OMG this is so funny!!!

  57. I couldn’t believe this. Way tooooo funny

  58. W is the new C

  59. The scared dog response was because he DID see you naked…

  60. This is the I used to come to for cheering up! Thanks for this excellent posting. More laughter…less ‘da fuq?’ pics.

  61. I was laughing so hard I could barely hit the button to send it to my friends!

  62. I could not believe their popping eyes… Ivy

  63. Cute animals

  64. How? Naked, hahaha

  65. Twisty – Jan 11, 2017 I LOLed and I’m still laughing

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