Animal Hybrids by Sarah DeRemer

Couple of years ago Sarah DeRemer started to create animal mashups as a way to improve her Photoshop skills. Featured below is the result of her effort…

12 thoughts on “Animal Hybrids by Sarah DeRemer”

  1. SyFy channel executives are looking at pictures of spidershark and rubbing their hands together right now. Stay tuned.

  2. not too terribly impressive…

  3. boring

  4. I love it!

  5. America!

  6. Thats actually pretty cool. Would like to see some human/ animal mash ups.

  7. @Kiki How could u say that? bruh -____- U don’t understand how cool these are!

  8. Definitely not waiting for a walroala

  9. ㊗️✴️

  10. 🈶

  11. ✴️

  12. 🅰️

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