This Is My Spirit Animal



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  1. This could apply to any number of EatLiver commenters, except for me. I “luv” everbody. Yeah, I noe I miss-spelled a couple of wurds. Jest tri-ing to bea phunny. Miss the boat, huh?

  2. 9764921767856187568325621 February 13, 2018

    I knew it. Angry Birds wasn’t just a game or cartoon, it is real.

  3. Look. In the sky! February 13, 2018

    Bird is looking for freshly washed car to dive bomb. Lay off the mushrooms Spirit Animal person.

  4. I believe that is a butcher bird (aka shrike). Truly a cool bird. They impale grasshoppers on mesquite thorns and barbed wire. I’d go with it for my spirit animal.

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