Good Guy Amish



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  1. But no need to mention the atheists, since Adam and Eve, they are the good guys !

    • they went around executing priests around 1900 in France.Just saying.

    • Oh, like Stalin and Mao? How long would it take you to count to 100 million? Don’t worry, it’s just a statistic, right?

  2. Good Amish Guy June 13, 2016

    Terrorizes members of own society by psychological tricks so no need to kill them by himself.

  3. razorblade June 13, 2016

    but…is there any hidden irony?
    Looks like a good guy to me, truely!

  4. Leggo my Eggo June 13, 2016

    Doesn’t want world wide caliphate.

  5. Extremist Amish – cuts buttons from other people clothes.
    Amishes are under tight observation since the 1997. New Yersey button massacre

    • BabyPuncher June 13, 2016

      Or, you know, watch some of that Amish Mafia reality TV, then go look up what really happens at the events depicted in the show

  6. Don’t worry, they will be exploited to keep people in fear at some point in the future, just like the Muslims are being exploited today.

    • Muslims are being exploited?


    • Taco John June 14, 2016

      Uhhhh…. No.

    • Young people that have lost family to stupid war and identify as muslim are being taught/brainwashed that a “holy war” is how to make Islam great again. By making war they can bring justice and claim a holy land as their new caliphate for Islam. Of course war won’t bring the dead parents back, isn’t justice and no country on Earth is incredibly powerful because of their religion in this day. The leaders of ISIS and other groups often recruit children because they are easy to brainwash like this, and growing up in that life makes it almost impossible to imagine another life, let alone live in peace. Meanwhile the leaders of ISIS don’t go hungry, can bet on that.

  7. All at the snackbar June 14, 2016

    I concur :

  8. I know amish people who beat their kids. My friend had an 8 track player when he was a kid and his father beat him half to death because “He is on the road to hell to see satan”

  9. The Amish are rubbish. They are the leading group of people that treat animals horribly. They have the “honor” of being leaders in PUPPY MILLS. Son of a bitches. Abuse and neglect. Rot in hell.

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