The Most Popular Yoga Pose

12 thoughts on “The Most Popular Yoga Pose”

  1. thanks to the dictator obama himself we are all doing this

  2. AMEN!!

  3. AMEN

  4. try moving to a country with high taxes!

  5. Meh… I live in the Netherlands, but my guess is 2 things are the same everywhere:
    1 You live, so you die
    2 You pay taxes in between

  6. The only people doing the dictating are the Koch brothers, Wall Street, multinational corporations… and every president for the last 30 years has been taking notes. Not defending Obama, he is incredibly weak. According to polls an overwhelming majority of US people want affordable healthcare, they want higher taxes on the rich, they want a fair minimum wage, they want money out of politics, they want sensible gun regulation to stop mass shooting. If Obama was a strong leader, united his party and fought back against Republicans, he could destroy them. 70%+ of Republican voters want sensible gun legislation. He doesn’t because he is weak, he takes the same money as the others because he is weak, he just doesn’t get as much as Republicans because he doesn’t go as far as they would.

  7. “they want higher taxes on the rich” — Poor people are unjust jerks too, you say? This Robin Hood crap really annoys me.

  8. The picture works pretty well for any country around the world. Some more than others: like the Spanish, Italian and Greek people, squeezed to death and lead to ruin by their greedy and incompetent governments !!!
    Look at the bright sight: at least an “american taxpayer” gets to be an american and not one of the above.
    And BTW: in Soviet Russia, taxes pay you !!! Not.

  9. LogiC tries to pass off his Huff N Puff opinions and made up numbers as actual fact.

  10. LogiC
    The world according to the left. No logic, just policy’s that are so good, they have to be mandated.

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