Italian Guy Creates Parodies of Celebrity Outfits With Household Items


Italian college student¬†Emanuele Ferrari¬†truly is a master of mockery. It’s hilarious seeing how he transforms everyday items like toilet paper and egg cartons into outfits that actually resemble expensive fashion.


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  1. E.A. Presley May 26, 2018

    Impressive — rispetto!

  2. Confusedandbored May 26, 2018


  3. Italiano Medio May 28, 2018

    Finally an Italian fashion designer worthy of note.

  4. Randombler June 2, 2018

    Made oi larf, that rid

  5. Pistal666 June 2, 2018

    FFS EL, Entertain Me…

  6. So funny! Just got out of bed, great laugh to start the day,thanks

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