Proof that Cats are Evil Creatures from Hell

18 thoughts on “Proof that Cats are Evil Creatures from Hell”

  1. I like the Heart Shaped Poop . . . Maybe the next one will be a poop in the image of Satan, since these cats are from Hell

  2. Excellent, my furry minions!

  3. i just can’t understand keeping an animal in the house that routinely dumps in a dishpan full of sand… and that’s when they’re well behaved…
    ewww. just. ewww.

  4. well at least one cat knows what everyone else knows- that hippies suck.

  5. Exercise the same punishment as they use, just scratch them with a pair of wolverine claws and I bet they will think twice about doing it again.

  6. If you keep animals in your house you deserve this.

  7. meeeaaaooonnnnnn…

  8. The only thing I hate more than cat pictures are pictures of cat poop.

  9. Hell is not really a bad place.. personally I say.

  10. he he he all r true

  11. that last cat, HANDS OFF MY COOKIE YOU ***** SHT!

  12. More proof that we have them right where they want us.

  13. No such things as shitty cats, only shitty owners

  14. Even in the freezer?

  15. Indeed.

  16. I can guarantee you that my dogs are cleaner than you are.

  17. lol

  18. Trust me, dogs are worse. They don’t poo in a litter tray, they go anywhere. even while moving, so you have to pick it up in a thin plastic bag over a distance of say, a dozen feet. And preferably before the other dog eats it – because a single dog is a bad idea, you have to have multiples or they get upset and destructive. Then you have to carry it around, or pout it in your pocket until you get home, or to the next poo bin, assuming there are any nearby.

    Trust me: a cat that poos in one place and buries it to cover the smell is a major bonus; you can dig it out with a small shovel, bag it, and bin it in seconds!

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