The Truth About Alcohol and Fats

5 thoughts on “The Truth About Alcohol and Fats”

  1. Words can Kill!

  2. Well, the Japanese eat a lot of home cooked food. The Germans eat a lot of home cooked food. The French eat a lot of home cooked food. The Italians eat a lot of home cooked food. Americans eat a lot of “fast food”, and the English are not far behind. English have little excuse. Americans have abusively low wages, need to work multiple jobs so have little time for cooking, abundance of very cheap fast food that poor workers can afford.
    Funny that raising the minimum wage will make fast food more expensive, and real food more affordable, and likely increase the health of Americans as a result.

  3. The Americans don’t have access to free health services and therefore they are not regularly seeing doctors that can treat early symptoms or they cannot afford treatment.
    The British do have a free, but not efficient health service.
    Plus, there is a lot of social inequality. Plus, there is more poverty.
    In Europe, health care is usually free and health levels are higher.

  4. There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

  5. Do you know who originally wrote this? I would like to properly cite it.

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