I Heard You Like Computers…

15 thoughts on “I Heard You Like Computers…”

  1. Computers are alien technology we got from spaceship that crashed in Rosewell incident

  2. Ah, you must be Kauf Buch’s brother, welcome!

  3. What does being gay and an atheist have to do with computers? That’s like saying “you like peanut butter? Thank this black guy!” Or “you like rockets? Thank this Nazi!”

  4. You like peanut butter? Thank the Inca!

  5. Alan was a great man of science, especially math and electronics, he shortened ww2 for example with his various devices employed to decrypt nazi enigma transmissions, but I don’t think he was the father of computer science. Nor did he build the first electronic digital computer, that was the Atanasoff Berry made at Iowa State College.

  6. Note the absence of comments from right wing morons.

  7. They are afraid of being infected with homosexuality…

  8. The sticky bit is Turing had access to classified information and had a security clearance. It was frowned on for those that have such clearances to be sodomites, adulterers or gamblers as they could be blackmailed.
    That said, Turning’s boyfriend broke into Turing’s house after a lovers squabble. Turing reported that it was his boyfriend that did it. The boyfriend outed Turing as a sodomite. Seeing as the UK’s equivalent of the DOD was not amused, and their justice system had laws against gays, Turning did not fair well going forward.

  9. A gaytheist. And not an American.

    So, what were you saying about this leftie socialist commie welfare queen blasphemer?

  10. doesn’t matter to me race, orientation, whatever, etc- i appreciate useful contributions

  11. race, orientation, whatever, etc does not matter to me – i appreciate useful contributions

  12. i know i posted the same thing twice, i just had to correct it

  13. He does not look at all sama as in a movie. Fake news?

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