Airport Security Logic

10 thoughts on “Airport Security Logic”

  1. seat bealts sometimes keep people from breaking their necks in turbulences…

  2. interesting….I always thought the seat belt light during turbulence was just a ploy to get everyone to stay seated. Guess I have not experienced that level of turbulence….and thank you Lord for that!!!!

  3. Nail clipper? I can live wit that.

  4. A bottle of water could conceal a chemical that can be mixed with other stuff on board an aircraft to make an explosive substance.
    The seatbelt is to stop you smashing your head in on the aircraft roof during severe turbulence.
    If they allow you to bring a knife onto a plane where will it end? Would it be ok to bring a machete? An Uzi? It’s about logic!

  5. You’re right in part. If they allow you to bring a table knife on board, what next? Maybe a complete set of dinner ware – knife, spoon, fork(s) and maybe even a fine linen napkin. Better to eat with fingers and clean up with paper napkins.

  6. In Zurich airport they sell large Victorinox knifes in many shops near the gates. It is really incredible

  7. I’m wondering if their point about the bottle was – It’s ok to have the bottle at the airport and throw it in the trash thereby killing a thousand people with your chemical bomb….but you cant take it on the plane. You cant blow up the plane but the airport is just fine! Just a thought.

  8. Just buy the water (and your tax free booze) after the security check, then there is no problem bringing it on board.

  9. In most of Europe you are allowed to bring both the nail clippers and the small dinner knife. A fork and spoon would be allowed too.

  10. Once upon a time I saw a lady bring her souvenir coffee mug through security on the way home. “No, you can kill a small child with that. Of course, you can also kill a small child by choking it with your phone or strangling it with earbuds, or you could suffocate someone with your clothes for that matter…”

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