The Terrorists Have Won



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  1. They have indeed!

  2. Leave gramma and the kids alone and profile young middle eastern men.

    • That would be discrimination. So everyone gets searched. Political corr… dumbassery.

    • Middle eastern men like Anders Breivik, who killed over 70 people, mostly in their teens?

  3. Terrorists seek to use the emotion of fear to provoke desired change in their target country.
    Their compatriots in government help terrorists achieve this goal by crafting and enacting laws against that wich was _already_ against the law….. but now steals long cherished freedoms from the people just like terrorists want to do. When w said either you’re with us or with the terrorists, he didn’t disclose that he was a terrorist along with his cabinet and congress, who used fear of terrorism as justification for violating the US constitution with treasons such as patriot act and follow on treason.

    • Everyone with a brain understands this. But most people have none.
      The only way defending freedom is by granting freedom.

  4. The Lone Wonderer March 27, 2016

    So… for a free clinical checkup all I need to do is travel in the US by plane?

    • Carefull, Sir. The two handgrenades between my legs could get off…

    • The Lone Wonderer April 6, 2016

      I nearly laughed too hard and my riotgun nearly fell out of my jacked right in front of the steward!

  5. Bubba and Joe Bob March 28, 2016

    Reply to EUro’s last comment… the handgrenades will only go off if the pin in the middle is pulled.

  6. This is especially sad, since all the terrorists are made-up in the first place.

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