Air Support



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  1. Our brave servicemen are putting their lives in danger to protect our freedom and you are making fun of sıjgğırgdlkjgil kfgidsjg

    • Dr. Ornithologist June 29, 2016

      Brave servicemen or stupid muppets?

    • The servicemen are brave. The people telling them they need to go to war to “protect freedom” are the muppets.

    • The Lone Wonderer June 30, 2016

      Indeed… going to war for freedom is like ****** for virginity..

  2. Bubba and Joe Bob June 29, 2016

    Hey Dr Birdbrain, they’s Brave Men. As to air support… it’s more moral and uplifting than devastation and destruction. But, if I was in the troops place, I might be more devastated by that banner than uplifted.

  3. Santa Barbarian June 29, 2016

    Dr. Ornithologist, you do not have it within you to scoop mashed potatoes on a warrior’s dinner tray. *****. Voters through elected officials ask these men and women to do a job and they serve gladly. If you have ever paid taxes, you have your hand on the spear, we were the tip of the spear.

  4. Somewhere in time June 30, 2016

    Hey Doc, Watch your mouth!

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