Need Air Support!


Air support.


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  1. Poor photoshopping, but funny nevertheless!

  2. Sorry pal. Defense spending is going to help build a wall now. You didn’t think Mexico was actually going to pay, did you? “support the troops” is really just a catch phrase, not really something republicans do….

    If they really wanted to support the troops, they’d be offering plenty of free counseling to the vets with PTSD so we don’t have so many suicides.

    • Crooked Trump February 18, 2020

      Only the weak commit suicide. The cowards. They are no heroes. No real Americans. Snowflakes. So sad. MAGA

    • The Truthgiver February 21, 2020

      Sorry pal. He’s actually part of ICE moving in on a group of illegal aliens following Jeffery Epstein’s plane to a illegal boarder crossing. Ed Buck and Jorge Torres are flying the plane while Laura Silsby is running the ground game to ‘save’ all the children being trafficked through CGI. I mean you know what they say, whatever Joel A. wants, Joel A. Getz.

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