A Collection of Hand-Painted Movie Posters From Africa

This art form in African countries was at its peak during the 1980s and 1990s. During this time, artists would let their imagination run wild in order to create posters that would never fail to draw audiences to Africa’s dilapidated cinema halls, so they used their fantasy to add scenes, weapons, and characters that didn’t even exist in the original movie.

29 thoughts on “A Collection of Hand-Painted Movie Posters From Africa”

  1. There are a lot of white people on those posters. The only white people in Africa I am aware of live in SA. I guess they will be moving back to Holland pretty soon as they will have no where to live? Then who will buy the tickets?

  2. Those are awesome. I would very much like to purchase the Catwoman poster.

  3. I have a pet rat

  4. Fake name Catman or rattus either one of these

  5. There are more countries in Africa with white citizens. But discrimination against whites is rising. And why shouldn’t it? The natives learned it from the white.

  6. I’m a faker who fakes females’ accounts to get approval from other misogynistic losers. I’m not even a man. I’m a worm. I’ll be forever alone. :-(

  7. No diversity in Africa? :(

  8. @Rattus
    There is a lot of diversity
    Your question sounds racy
    Rattus I wouldn’t have thought you of all people would be racist

  9. How diverse is a country with only black people?

  10. The guy above the flames in Mr Nice Guy is rattus.

  11. These movies don’t mean Cr*p when I was young I used to use flip books

  12. Again, none of the above are me, and I used to live in Harare, so I am well aware of at least Zimbabwe’s diversity. Africa, of course, is a continent comprised of many countries, each with a different culture.

    And may I say, should you ever have the opportunity to visit Lake Kariba, take it. I don’t recommend swimming, though. Schistosomiasis.

  13. @Former-Rattus do you consider diversity when the population is of different races or when it’s not white race?
    Because we hear people saying a 99% black population has diversity, when in fact it does not.

  14. @fake, you are aware that culture and diversity are predicated on more than degrees of pigmentation, aren’t you? Or are you one of those who consider China and Japan to be the same place?

  15. Have you ever tried injera? It’s delicious

  16. I’m actually green color

  17. I should be so lucky. I am waaaaay more unattractive than that.

  18. @oh snap
    I see a crazy trump supporter

  19. @Tempname
    You don’t sound unattractive unless you’re a man that’s trolling

  20. Well thank you Rolf32. That is genuinely one of the nicest things anyone has ever postef to me. However, it’s true. I am an unattractive woman.

  21. the drawing of Cindy Crawford in the fair game poster looks like Anthony Kiedis from RHCP.

  22. They managed to spell “Schwarzenegger” but went with “runing” ?

  23. Schwarzenegger is a proper name, running is a word in an unfamiliar language. I can spell Putin, cannot for the life of me spell da svedanya.

  24. They would have rum out of space??

  25. Never heard it called that before

  26. The Jurassic Park is amazing! Better than the movie itself!

  27. @TEMPNAME so why people say there is no diversity in movie with all white people with background from different places of Europe?
    Your logic makes no sense.

  28. @GMG: Of course, we all know that discrimination against whites is OK. And lest we forget, it was blacks that sold other blacks into slavery during the slave trade.

  29. Terrible and illiterate. The “artist(s)” need to be hung from the nearest tree!

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