If Life Shuts a Door…



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  1. Unless you’re leftist. Then you go riot blaming someone else.

    • It is really difficult to get a decent argument going with you lot when 99.9% of you are such ineloquent half-wits.

    • I like ice cream

    • But, even then, the media would blame Trump for
      1) the rioting
      2) the door being shut
      And I like Vanilla ice cream; does that make me raaaacist?
      And, do I care?

  2. not even a quarter-wit.

  3. Trump would build a wall around the door.

  4. Trump would block it with a bigger door.

  5. Sven Vas Deferens August 22, 2017

    Why does every mall that has a lock smith shop look the same?

  6. That sign is RACIST!

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