Spotted in London, England



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  1. Yeah…keep laughing LIMEYS!
    You’ll be bowing down to allah
    before we ever bother to save you again,
    you weak-willed cowards!

    • All the mess with allah is because americans started a love affair with saudis.

    • Oh dear, you do sound so full of insecurity, fear and ignorance. Go polish your guns and you’ll feel better.

    • Act out of fear and you will always be afraid.
      The sign was never meant for you as obvioulsy you are too scared to leave home.

    • You mean Charles Martel never defeated the muzzies in Lourdes and it’s all the Americans fault? Lemme go check my encyclopedia again. Say, how’s that Brexit thing going?

  2. It's a jeep thing.... November 14, 2016

    Way to go England. You have lowered yourselves by falling prey to the pettiness of foreign political drama. If you are going to pick sides you should at least embrace your elitist roots and support someone who might actually help lift up your faltering economic situation. But that would require you to be welcoming and hospitable to foreigners, which for many years was something i would brag about to all my friends about my homeland. Unfortunately, those days have long since been replaced by the senseless, idiotic ramblings of a generation hell bent on proving their low level mediocrity to the world at large.

    • Your insecurity led you to beleive the message was partisan. I saw it as a comment on the political process that saw policies and manifestos pushed to one side in favour of puriel name calling and character assasination.

    • It's a jeep thing.... November 15, 2016

      Your name means toilet in some countries. How is that for name calling? I can be disappointed with England for many reasons to do with their foreign policy, and I am.

    • Puerile

    • You name means shit to me. :)
      I win.

  3. Arnold Finkner November 14, 2016

    my email address is wrong how can I change it?

  4. Allright, mates! Sorry about that! Too many accidents on the playground, I get it. We can & will do better.

  5. Europe;
    2 World wars
    Genocides enumerable.

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