Adorable Kittens Telling Harsh Truths

9 thoughts on “Adorable Kittens Telling Harsh Truths”

  1. Another one: “All these cute little kittens were born after me but most likely will die before me – ha ha!”

  2. but seriously, these kind of posts are really boring, i dont get the logic of creating such posts, my host body likes these kittens though…

  3. I have a friend who’s like this. I don’t recommend it.

  4. Well, kitties, nobody takes you seriously– how’s that for a harsh truth???

  5. this made me super depressed

    i like it

  6. “Cheaters often prosper” would be good news for a cheater. HAHA, KITTENS!

  7. the last one killed me

  8. Cute kittens.

  9. True, true.

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