Harsh Truths From Baby Animals

28 thoughts on “Harsh Truths From Baby Animals”

  1. In 200 years!? More like 20!

  2. I’m aiming for 2, currently.

  3. My name is Ozymandias!

  4. I can’t remember my name after 2 bottles of vodka.

  5. Let me repeat that for you, lest you forget :
    “My name is Ozymandias!”

  6. HA!

  7. I can’t remember my name after two glasses.

  8. Too true! Sigh!,

  9. Hilarious!

  10. Lolfosor
    Lazier than thou
    All at the snackbar
    Dear internet geologists, if you see this in 2200, prove the robot ancestor of EatLiver they were wrong <3

  11. None

  12. Valar marghulis

  13. Make these into a 2017 calendar! I will def buy one!

  14. Really CUTEsie baby animals.
    YES, unfortunately, all statements are the truth.
    I HOWEVER would prefer the Scarlet O’Hara statement, ” I’m too tired, I will think about it tomorrow. Yes, indeed, tomorrow.
    Life is too serious to take it seriously!
    For JESUS is my ROCK and my SALVATION! Amen!

  15. These “truths” would have more punch if they were delivered by adult animals. Nothing turns me off quicker than “cute” baby animals. So, here’s more truth: not all baby animals are cute, not all children are adorable, most children are annoying, teenagers are stupid, nothing lasts forever, although stupidity seems to be congenital and enduring, there are few problems that can’t be solved with the proper amount of chocolate.

  16. I wont remember your name 30 seconds after leaving this comment.

  17. That’s a brilliant idea. It would sell!

  18. I can’t remember my name.

  19. good point

  20. How about diabetes?

  21. I have no name

  22. Stooopid

  23. my life is a lieeeeeeeeee

  24. life is wierd

  25. wow

  26. there the same thing everytime…

  27. well, this is just a little bit depressing …

  28. Same

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